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Whether you are applying for a building permit to construct a fence, developing a parcel of land for retail, or having flood plain issues, we are your surveyor. C3E Geomatics offers residential and commercial surveying services throughout southeastern Wisconsin to a variety of professionals including civil engineers, architects, attorneys, real estate agents/developers, contractors, as well as the general public.


Below is a list of our main surveying services


Plat of survey / Boundary Survey

When you are adding onto a house, installing a pool, building a fence, deck, or retaining wall, your local municipality may require you to obtain a plat of survey (basic property survey) that delineates the boundaries of your property.  In order to create a plat, a surveyor will begin by reviewing records filed on the property as well as researching any previous surveys conducted on the property. From that point, the surveyor will take physical measurements to analyze and compare existing monuments (metal markers placed in the ground.)  With this data, the surveyor will draft the plat.


Certified Survey Maps

Your local municipality would require you to obtain a Certified Survey Map if you own a parcel of land and would like to divide it into four lots or less.  The addition of more than four lots would fall into the category of a subdivision. In this process, the surveyor must take into consideration local requirements for zoning, road frontage, setback standards, and easements.  This type of work requires the surveyor to conduct careful research and potentially to locate boundaries on multiple parcels.


ALTA/NSPS land title surveys

When you are buying or selling commercial real estate, lenders typically require an ALTA/NSPS survey to issue a title or mortgage insurance. An ALTA survey is a much more detailed survey that meets the standards of the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS).  Some of the details required in this survey include boundaries, buildings, easements, right-of-ways, and other claims to the land.


Condominium plats

In order to build or develop a condominium complex, you must submit a condominium plat along with a declaration of the condominium to local authorities.  A condominium plat would delineate boundaries for the entire complex, each unit, and common areas within the complex.


Topographic surveys

While a plat of survey marks boundaries on a parcel of land, a topographic survey captures the three-dimensional features of the land which are known as grade breaks (differences in elevation.)  The elevations collected are then used to generate contour lines.  This type of survey is useful to developers planning a new construction project as a topographic survey provides vital information about the lay of the land and will help engineers and architects make decisions as they develop their designs. It can also be a useful survey for property owners attempting to resolve drainage problems.


Construction staking

In this process, the surveyor places stakes throughout a construction site to indicate all the points represented on the construction plans.  These elements include not only buildings but also roads, parking lots, storm and sanitary drainage structures, among other features.  Construction staking is an important aspect of any new real estate development as it aids builders and other contractors to accurately construct their aspect of the project, thereby avoiding costly mistakes.


FEMA elevation certificates

If your property lies within or near a flood plain, your insurance agent likely will request an elevation certificate in order to determine an accurate flood insurance premium.  This certificate will report your home’s elevation above or below the base flood elevation.  The base flood elevation is determined by the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), which was developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Each surveying project is different in size an scope.  Please fill out the following form to receive an estimate of cost for services or call (262) 312-1034.